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7 cultural places to visit in Arnhem

Updated: Jun 3, 2021


Kroller Muller

Are you also looking forward to the reopening of museums and cultural institutions? Me too! What i missed the most during lockdown was the opportunity to view an exhibition. I haven't lived in Arnhem for very long and the first thing I do in a new city is look for the best cultural places, unfortunately that was made a little more difficult when corona broke out.

I have made a list with the places that i will visit first as soon as it will be possible again. Who knows, maybe there's an interesting spot for you aswell!

The Rozet is located in the heart of Arnhem, a meeting place with culture, language and heritage. Not only can you go to the library here (of course to browse through the art books) or take ballet lessons, but in the basement there is a cultural heritage center with changing exhibitions. It's not a big exhibition space but always nice to stop by while you're in town. In front of the Rozet is a gigantic statue of an aardvark, which you must see when you come to Arnhem.

Currently only the sculpture garden is open, but normally there are several exhibitions in the building. The exhibits are always well thought out and a lot of background information is offered. You can combine a visit to Kroller Muller with a bike ride through the Park de Hoge Veluwe.

De Kerk

This one can of course not be missing from the list. The museum of Arnhem, located opposite to the station. Currently under renovation and therefore cannot be visited for a while, luckily temporary solutions have been sought such as the Church and now the Rozet. The reopening of the museum will be in 2022.

4. ArtEZ

This is where I did my studies and this is always a nice place to walk by the studios. It's close to the station, so you can get there from the train in no time. Especially with the final exhibitions really worth a visit, which can currently already be seen online.

I haven't been here yet, but I'd really like to go sometime. The exhibits shown here attract attention and the location is also said to be very beautiful. The exhibitions are often intertwined with the location and history of Arnhem, creating a special perspective.

Collectie de Groen

A private collection with a public exhibition space. Very varied and stimulating exhibitions, there is mainly contemporary visual art on display. Also not obvious artists are shown here.

Normally this cultural festival takes place during the Ascension weekend. Unfortunately, due to the corona measures, it could not take place this year. Instead, an annual program has been set up with, for example, location theater and a discovery route.

Did I forget one or do you have a good tip, please let me know!!

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