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9 exhibitions to visit after the lockdown

The cultural sector, including the museums, has been open again since January 26 after the last lockdown. Something I and many others have been looking forward to. There are currently plenty of cool exhibitions to visit! I have already done research for you and made a list of which exhibitions I like the most.

N° 9

"What a gender full world" | Wereld museum Rotterdam

tm 27-02-2022

Based on 7 questions, the exhibition guides you through various topics such as, does your body determine your gender and which gender is the most powerful? A mix between modern elements such as an Instagram museum-like installation, but also old pieces from the archive.

N° 8

Depot Boijmans | Rotterdam

Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen is the first publicly accessible art depot in the world. The depot is located next to Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Museum Park in Rotterdam. Visitors see the

result of 172 years of collecting. More than 151,000 collected works of art are stored together, arranged and structured in fourteen depot spaces with five climates.

N° 7

Prix de Rome 2021 | Stedelijk Amsterdam

13-11-2021 tm 20-03-2022

The exhibition presents new work by the nominated artists: Mercedes Azpilicueta, Alexis Blake, Silvia Martes and Coralie Vogelaar.

N° 6

In time - Arno Kramer | Coda (Apeldoorn)

16-01-2022 tm 24-04-2022

More than 100 drawings that Arno Kramer made in the past 2 years. He creates colorful drawings in which animals are frequently depicted, often a combination of figurative and abstract forms.

N° 5

Russische avant-garde, revolutie in de kunst | Hermitage

29-01-2022 tm 08-01-2023

“This exhibition tells an intriguing story of Russian avant-garde art from the last years of Imperial Russia through the turbulent times surrounding the Revolution of 1917, to its end in the Stalin era. About five hundred works on canvas, paper, textiles and especially porcelain show the imagination of the avant-gardes, their predecessors and followers. They show a revolution in art.”

N° 4

Accumulation of things | Kroller Muller (Otterlo, Nationaal park de Hoge Veluwe)

25-09-2021 tm 06-06-2022

Anne Geene has been invited to exhibit in Kroller muller. She shows the environment by collecting material from it such as leaves, sand and grass and presents them gathered together as in a modern cabinet of curiosities.

N° 3

De botanische revolutie | Centraal museum (Utrecht)

11-09-2021 tm 01-05-2022

In this time of the climate crisis, the relationship between humans and nature is on edge. In this exhibition, artists pose critical questions about how nature is controlled and exploited.

N° 2

Calder Now | Kunsthal (Rotterdam)

21-11-2021 tm 29-05-2022

An exhibition about the influence of Alexander Calder on contemporary art. Installations that provoke gravity and sculptures with optical illusions. In addition to 20 works by Calder himself, work by Ernesto Neto and Olafur Eliasson will also be shown.

N° 1

Schurend paradijs - Kunsthal Kade in Amersfoort

05-02-2022 tm 03-07-2022

12 contemporary artists reflect on the utopian ideal of a makeable world. Works in various disciplines are shown, such as wall drawings, installation and film. by, for example, Erwin Olaf, Melanie Smith and Paul Morrison. In the new annex, the Elleboogkerk, a wall painting by Gijs Frieling will be displayed.

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